App List Django Project and Application Summary Top-level contents of the Sadj Django project

Structure Overview

SmartAdmin for Django follows Django best-practice and separates logically-grouped sets of code and templates into individual Django applications

This page provides an overview of what you will see when you unpack the Sadj distribution. A full folder and file structure is on the Files and Folders page.

Externally-Accessed Applications

There are three applications available as entrypoints to the standard Sadj demonstration configuration: a multi-page app accessed via 'mpa' in the url; a single-page app accessed by 'spa' in the url, and a demo app, accessed by 'demo', which is a single-page app containing only the Sadj-specific pages; more details on each are below. You may use the buttons here to navigate between them.

You are currently viewing the sadjdemo application, which is a cut-down set of pages, containing only those specific to Sadj, and excluding the general set of SmartAdmin demo pages.

Project and Applications

The SmartAdmin for Django distribution contains the following:

sadjmaster: Django project

This is the main project, containing little except the settings file and the top-level file for url dispatch to individual applications.

sadjcore: Django application

This contains the main re-useable sadj-specifc logic, both for the Django server and js files for the browser.

sadjdemo: Django application

This contains the templates and server logic for the sadj-specific demo pages.

spa and mpa: Django applications

These contain almost no logic, they hold small Django template wrappers for multi- and singe-page application access to the SmartAdmin content in sabase, alongside the application frames. They also contain wrappers to include the demo pages from sadjdemo

sabase: Django project

This contains the shared page content, in the 'content' template folder, which is included into the mpa and spa applications. These pages mirror the standard SmartAdmin demo pages found in the HTML5 distribution.


This folder contains the static contents from the SmartAdmin HTML5 distribution. Sadj-specific static content is in the sadjcore and sadjdemo application static folders (gathered into the main static folder for production distributions via the usual Django collectstatic method).