Sadjcore Navigation Functionality

Menu Navigation
You should include the menuscript.html template in your application frame after the main menu if you wish to use the main menu navigation functionality.

The code sets the 'active' tags on the menu elements, so we can use a single menu template across different pages in MPA applications. It provides this via the setSadjMenu function which is called at SPA page-loads.

Javascript Utilities

The sadjcore.js file provides a number of utility functions for use in your application. These are:

  • page - page name, from the hidden 'templateKeys' div.
  • reloadPage - refresh the whole browser (equivalent to F5) in a multi-page app; refresh the page contents within the frame in a single-page app.
  • setQueryString(paramstring) - alters the overall url based on the new query string, according to whether it is an SPA or MPA application.
  • redirectFromResponse(responseData) - handles a server return: if the response contains a query-string, calls setQueryString, otherwise calls reloadPage.
  • setTitle - set the page title from the hidden 'templateKeys' div.